Share The Love

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Last night while working on our monthly newsletter, we were trying to find a background that had the "feel" of our next sale. Share The Love. What's a better way to represent love than a heart? We put these two together and it gave us that warm tingly feeling inside when something feels right. The Barn is love. A love for small businesses, local people, the community, and so much more. We love getting to see you and we hope you feel the same way! Come "Share The Love" with our amazing vendors & direct sales representatives on September 8 & 9! If you're not a member of our email club, sign up at the bottom of the page under "Let's Be Friends..."!

The Barn Dream


"What's your dream for The Barn?" If only we had a nickel for every time we were asked this question, and most of the time it's a hard answer to give. We're usually so busy trying to update and improve that when asked about the big picture, it seems like a hard question. When we sit back, close our eyes and try to imagine what we want The Barn to be, our minds float to a very warm, happy place. All of the outside vendor spaces are filled with homemade goods, fresh fruits & veggies, local antiques, refurbished furniture and garden decor. In front of the porch on the patio, all of the tables are filled with people laughing and eating something they purchased from one of our amazing food vendors. As you walk into The Barn, you are taken away by the best vendors in the state and beyond. Twinkle lights, repurposed items, jewelry, handmade pieces and so much more will take your breath away. As you ascend up the stairs, you're welcomed with a warm breeze that's blowing through The Barn, and the comforting scent from a soap or candle vendor. Of course we saved our favorite for last, the porch. You only have to take one step out onto the porch to take in the amazing view of grand mountains, rolling hills, and pastoral farmland. When you pick out one of the rocking chairs and take a seat, it's the type of moment you could live in forever. This is part of our dream, and every sale we continue to grow and develop it. We owe it all to our supporters and our amazing vendors! We couldn't do it without you! 

Welcome Bessie!


Bessie. A simple name. A name that Paul, my dad, used for anything that barely ran. You know those vehicles that you’re never sure will start. Or you have to jimmy the key or some other odd combination to get to run. Yep. That’s Bessie. We walked into the Luckett’s Spring Sale and came upon this Bessie. She was PERFECT! This Bessie was joining The Barn Team! She had character and was our favorite color: Green! We’ve had a lot of Bessie’s over the years but she is by far our favorite! Don’t forget to come out and take a picture with her! Look at her! She’s gorgeous! I know my dad would love her and would definitely want to get her running for farm use. Everything had to have a purpose on the farm, so this Bessies purpose is a selfie moment!