Will We Remember?

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This week while delivering flowers at the retirement home I had one of those “aha” moments. You know the one where it grabs your throat, where you can’t swallow, and your eyes water? Makes your whole body tremble, even that lower lip. Well let me explain...
      Tuesday started off like an average day. I got up, drank my coffee, checked Facebook, and then got ready to go to my part time job. I deliver flowers for a floral shop, which is a fairly easy job and I enjoy making people smile and get paid to do it. What more could a person ask for,  right? Well today I was blessed with a gift. I walked in to the Alzheimer’s unit, rang the bell, flowers in hand. The nurse said, “Come on in and let me get a pen to sign for those flowers.” So while I stand there and wait I see 5 or 6 people listening to this pastor preach on the birth of Jesus. One lady was wringing her hands, another lady was staring at the ceiling. The little old man laying on a stretcher was humming a song, and another watching tv. So as I watched these people my thoughts went to do these people remember this story? Do they remember Christmas with their families and friends? That was when I lost all control. I ran back to my van with tears rolling.
      My point to this story is this...we might not have the right gift, the decorations just don’t seem right, or maybe a loved one has past away. Regardless to any of this, right now at this moment you remember. You remember Christmas Carols, or your favorite present. You might remember dropping Mac and cheese on the floor, or the oven locking up with food in it, but you remember. So my gift to you is remember. Remember the good, learn from the bad, and just be glad that you can remember.

Sydnee ClineComment