The End Of The Beginning

The end of 2017, or maybe the beginning of 2018. Yes I like that better. The beginning of a new year, new events, new ideas and new adventures. Like each and everyone of you, The Barn team is constantly tossing ideas, having meetings or yes sending everyone a text at 3:00 AM in the morning because your afraid you might forget. We have asked each of you for opinions, your ideas and even at this moment we are working on new things that we think you might enjoy.
We are also reflecting on this year. What worked ,what didn’t and trying to fit all of this into one nice complete ball of fun. We learned so much, we even learned things we had no idea we needed to know. We have all made friends and laughed till our sides hurt, but like life, it’s not perfect. Yes we have heated discussions, and make ugly faces but yet it seems we continue to make this work. Not just for us or our vendors but also for you.
What can you expect this year? Hmmmm, good question. I can only say it will be better. We are planning on having a make it take it class. We will have more vendors with different varieties of things. Plus we have put in a special request for nice weather for every sale date. As of right now that’s all I can tell you besides Thank you. Thank you for being kind and patient, and walking through this amazing experience with us. Thank you for your support and positive energy.
With all that being said, Cheers to you in 2018. We wish you health, wealth and happiness. We will see you soon!

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Sydnee ClineComment