What's Your Piece?

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Today I had one of those omg moments. Where you look at something and you feel that rush of excitement going through your veins. Now your thinking wow this must be something huge. Well you're not right or wrong. It was just a passing thought that went through my mind. 
    So today while we were working in the Barn, trying to get everything set up for our next sale, our photographer, Carolyn Kenee, was taking pictures. Basically, a fun filled day with lots of laugher and shenanigans. I received the pictures this evening and to my surprise was an autograph book that I had purchased in a box of other things. A little book dated 1924, with memories and thoughts shared by friends and family. A tiny little item that was stuffed in a box and basically discarded. It kind of breaks my heart that this woman either didn't want to share or maybe no one cared, but either way they missed out on a piece of her life. 
 It brings me great joy to tell you that I have my grandmas autograph book. No, it's not something I share or insure but it is a piece of her teenage years. A small piece that takes me back over 100 years ago. So my question for you is "What's your piece?" What is the one thing you have that you hope someone will cherish?

Sydnee ClineComment