As I sat at my kitchen table looking over at the barn my mind kept wondering how everything looked so dead. The trees and grass, even the sky. That dull gray tint over the whole landscape. It kind of resembled my mood for the weeks following the holidays. I always feel "blue as a rat"'as my Grandad Heatwole would say. As a child I always found the comment odd and not understandable but now as an adult I could not agree more. The dreary months of winter are extremely hard for me as I long for spring. 
   I continued to look out across the field drinking my coffee, thinking of what spring had to offer. Then a thought crossed my mind, what if we are like seeds and buds in winter. We are sitting and waiting for the warm weather and Mother Earth to tell us it's time to burst through with brilliant colors and warmth. To feel the sunshine on our face, and breath the crisp spring air. 
   I was on my second cup of java and looked back over at the barn and realized yes this is what we are waiting for. The longing to be set free. Free of appointments, inspections and to be able to enjoy the fruits of our labor. To burst through with amazing color and enjoyment. To achieve our dreams. As I glanced back the stunting sunrise caught my eye. Yes we may look dead and dormant but underneath where you can't see we are waiting to blast out with magnificent color. To paint the countryside to let you know we are alive. 

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