The steps to my childhood...


I know it’s been a very long time for a blog and for That I apologize. You see I’m one of these people that have to write from the heart. No my spelling might not always be exactly right and my punctuations out of wack but I have to jot it down so I don’t forget every emotion that I feel when I relay this story to you.

Today I was delivering flowers to help out for Valentine’s Day rush. (Yes you don’t have to say it). It was cold and windy today but regardless of that something happened to me and I almost cried with joy and a heavy heart.

The piece of paper said to deliver the flowers to Edom road. I’m thinking great where to next, but to my suprise this adventure took me back in time. You see the Shenandoah Livestock auction is on Edom road. This is the Auction that my Granddaddy George Heatwole auctioned at and my Dad took me to very often as a small child . Now I’ve been back to this auction as an adult but not to the office. Well today I went to the office with this vase of flowers and when I opened the door it was like I was 7 again. It was exactly like I remembered. I just stood there with my mouth gapping open absorbing every thing my eyes could see. The lady in the office asked if she could help me and I told her I was there to deliver flowers. She asked if I was ok and I explained who I was and she said wow it’s been a long time. I’m so glad you told me who you were. She then said you need to go through those doors and upstairs to the restaurant to deliver those flowers. I thanked her and when I turned and opened those doors. Behind those doors was the most beautiful set of old stairs I had seen. You see when I look at those steps I see a young girl in her red canvas shoes, wearing her red jacket with her hair in pigtails holding the hands of two men that meant the world to her. I just stood there as tears rolled down my cheeks. How could I have forgotten such an amazing and earth moving moment? I have no idea, but the image of all of it flooded my soul. I turned around and said would it be okay if I took a picture of these old steps. The lady shook her head yes. I have remembered lots of things from my childhood, but today I was with two men that made me the person I am today.


    So now is where I try to establish what I’m trying to say to you. I guess it all boils down to this. There is nothing that we wouldn’t give our children.  We would give them the shirt off our back, when in reality they just want us. They want us to play ball, go to a park, to The Barn, to the movies , to anywhere we can go together. I know it sounds so simple , but in reality it’s the only thing we can give them that they will treasure. It might not be today , or tomorrow but years from now. I know this because today I was giving a treasure that I wouldn’t  trade for love or money.

-Tami Cline

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